St. Therese Catholic Academy

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About Us

St. Therese Catholic Academy seeks to develop students who meet the following criteria:

A Child of Faith Who

  • Knows and understands the basic teachings of teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Demonstrates knowledge of scripture and prayer and is able to articulate his or her faith to others
  • Applies Gospel values in daily life
  • Demonstrates self-respect for otheres, and respect for all God's creation
  • Participates in the sacramental life of the Church

A Life-Long Learner Who

  • Exhibits the ability to set goals and monitor their academic and social growth
  • Demonstrates academic success by meeting and/or exceeding standards
  • Exhibits critical and creative thinking to solve problems
  • Exhibits motivation and perseverance to reach academic potential

An Effective Communicator Who

  • Speaks, reads, and writes with proficiency
  • Listens actively and critically and works cooperatively with others
  • Utilizes technology effectively to communicate and learn
  • Recognizes diverse perspectives, considers alternatives, and makes educated decisions, both independently and collectively

A Socially Responsible Person Who

  • Works collaboratively for the good of the whole
  • Demonstrates knowledge and respect of other cultures and views different from one's own
  • Practices stwardship of God's creation
  • Works towards a just and peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Knows and applies principles of Catholic Social Teaching