Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

  • PA


226 Center Street
United States

About Us

Our mission reflects our name. We are dedicated, over time, to our community, to theatre as a patient but powerful instrument of understanding and social change, and to one another as artists.

As a resident Ensemble united by the responsibility we share for the stability and growth of our theatre, we demonstrate the viability of collective artistic direction. We support our diverse and evolving individual aesthetics.

We produce classic and contemporary plays as well as original works from folklore, found text, history, interviews, and literature of many cultures. We perform in the Alvina Krause Theatre, schools, and community settings. We teach theatre classes and we provide internships for early career artists. We are committed to our own lifelong training.

Our town and region give us the reasons and resources for our theatre. In turn, our theatre awakens the imagination, provokes questions, and emboldens the spirit, helping to validate, challenge, and change this place. We hope the home we have made here will inspire artists and communities elsewhere.