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Share how you’ve made a difference in your community to inspire others.
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A fun and easy way to stay informed about local issues and events while connecting with your neighbors.

Why this recipe matters

74% of Americans feel like they don’t belong in their local communities — bonding with neighbors over shared experiences and interests can improve your connection to your community.


  • Dedicated website, email inbox, or social media accounts
  • Camera
  • Photo release


1. Settle on a theme.

Do you want to cover neighborhood events, or perhaps interview residents and local business owners? Think about why your community inspires you, and how to share that reason with others.

2. Figure out how you'll distribute your newsletter.

Look into the pros and cons of designing a website, starting an email inbox, or setting up social media accounts.

If you decide to print your newsletter, think about the cost of printing and whether you’ll distribute copies at a local community center or by hand.

3. Decide on a publishing schedule.

Depending on your other commitments, you may decide to publish your newsletter weekly, monthly, or semi-frequently. Whatever schedule you pick, just make sure you stick to it.

4. Recruit volunteers.

Share open positions on social media or ask neighbors to lend their skills in writing, photography, or graphic design to the cause.

5. Start writing.

Ask your neighbors if they know of any events coming up, or put up flyers in your neighborhood so people can submit tips or ideas.

Nutritional Information

How this recipe has nurtured a community

"A lot of the way I approach the newsletter is simply an extension of the general philosophy of our neighborhood association. That is, we’re all about building connections and creating opportunities to get together and enjoy our community."

Emma D.W., Manitoba, Canada

Finishing Touch

Why not take your newsletter a step further and invite neighborhood kids to get involved? Ask the young people in your community to contribute short stories, drawings, photographs, or other creative elements to spotlight their work and encourage their imagination.