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About Us

DREAMLAND is a bold architectural design practice, supported by an aligned and humane working process. DREAMLAND’S goal is to serve mindful clients with a conscious and affordable process. DREAMLAND affirms that space has the capacity to generate equality and opportunity, and to drive social and cultural transformation.   DREAMLAND uses a new business model which trains young professionals to take rapid, increasing project authorship. We grant authority and responsibility for time. This process allows Dreamland to forge connections with creatives who work on their own schedules. In our alternative mentorship process at Dreamland, we work with trust as a core mission.   AT DREAMLAND, we believe the next truly visionary idea could come from any member of our team. We give young design professionals an opportunity to put their fingerprint on projects. DREAMLAND believes the time is ripe for diverse genius to be uncovered. We rigorously select candidates who believe in a revolutionary, yet compassionate design and work approach. Our mentorship core trains and supervises these carefully selected individuals, whom we then entrust with project leadership.  Success and business health at DREAMLAND is measured by the happiness of everyone on the team - not just the few at the top - but the ensemble as a whole.