How Can I Add My Program to the Waitlist If a Fair Is Full?


  1. Log in to your Idealist account and select your program's account from the dropdown list in the upper right corner. You will be taken to your program's Dashboard
  2. Click "Grad Fairs" - located on the left side of the Dashboard
  3. Select the fair(s) you'd like to attend - full fairs will have an "add to waitlist" indicator
  4. Click the blue "Register" button. Don't worry - you will not be charged!

A table at a full fair only becomes available when a confirmed school cancels its registration. If and when a table becomes available for you and we reach your place on the waitlist, we'll send an email to the administrators of your account inviting you to complete your registration for the fair.

In the past, we would receive most cancellation requests in July, but due to the circumstances this year, that time frame may be different. Consequently, tables become available only after we've processed cancellation requests. While we may contact you earlier, please give us time to contact you regarding your place on the waitlist.