How Do Blind Listings Work?

Only recruitment firms and job advertisers are able to post "anonymous" jobs. They can do this only if they choose not to name the organization they are hiring on behalf of in their posting. In this case, the listing will show the name of the recruiting firm or no name at all, but not the name of the organization that contracted the firm. This is the only way a nonprofit organization can post an anonymous ad on Idealist.

Before choosing to make your ad anonymous, please consider the following:
  • Anonymous ads may receive less applicants than ads associated directly with a nonprofit organization because many Idealist users care about the mission, purpose, and intent of organizations.
  • Including an organization's name, website, and mission in a job posting will likely return a better quality and quantity of applications. Therefore, if you choose to use a recruiter to post your ads on Idealist, it's best to have the recruiter include this information in the job description instead of making it anonymous.
If you'd like to use a recruiter and aren't sure how to find one, we recommend starting with a search on Idealist.