How Do I Edit or Make Changes to a Listing?

Listings can be edited right in your organization’s dashboard!
*Note: The only part of a listing that is locked after it has been posted is the location, but let us know what changes you would like to make and we can adjust the location for you!

To get started, log in using your email address and password. Next, find your organization's Dashboard by clicking your name at the top right corner of the page, then clicking your organization’s name from the dropdown list that appears.

If you do not see your organization in the dropdown list, then you are not logged in with an account that has administrator access. You can learn more about how to become an administrator for your organization here.

Once you access your organization’s Dashboard, find your listing by selecting Manage Listings from the menu on the left, then scroll down to the listing History.
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You can then search for your post from the list. Be sure only the Published filter is selected as the Status if your listing is currently active for easy searching. Once you find and click your listing, select the “Edit” button, make your changes, and select "Save." After that, you should be all set!

Please make sure you see the green banner at the top of the listing to make sure your listing has been saved.
Please do not click the Repost button since doing so will create a duplicate listing with a brand new invoice and an additional $105 charge. However, if you do need to repost the listing (such as after your listing expires), take a look at our How Do I Repost Listings?  article for more information!