How do I post anonymous or blind job listings?

If you’re interested in posting a job listing anonymously, please send us an email at, or contact us here

Please note: only job listings are allowed to be posted anonymously at this time.
The ability to post anonymous job listings requires activation by the Idealist Community Support team. Once you know you’re looking to post anonymously, contact us to request that we enable anonymous posting for your organization.

Once your profile has been given access to post anonymous job listings, you’ll see a new option when you go through the normal posting process.

<img height="415" src="" width="624"></img>

Once this box has been checked and the job listing has been posted, your organization name won't be shown anywhere in the listing. Your organization's name and logo won't be displayed anywhere on the listing, and the listing will not appear on your organization’s profile page.

Have any questions about posting anonymous job listings? Contact us here!