What is the process for uploading a resume to Idealist?

Want to simplify your job search? 


Uploading your resume to Idealist is a great way to start! By following the steps below, it will be that much easier to apply for opportunities that catch your eye on Idealist.


As an added bonus: if you choose to be “Visible to Employers” during the signup process outlined below, hiring managers will also be able to find your resume by searching our Resume Database starting early 2021!   


Now let’s get started. If you’re already a user on Idealist, you should see two prompts to upload your resume once you’re logged in. The first is located on the blue banner at the very top of the page. The second will appear by simply hovering over your name after you log in.


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Not interested in uploading your resume just yet? Select the X in the banner prompt or “No, thanks” just below your name and the prompts will disappear. You can always come back and do it later by signing in to Idealist, clicking your name at the top right corner, and clicking  “Employment Profile.”


 Please note that only one of these prompts will appear if you aren’t signed in. 


If you’re logged out, a prompt to add your resume will appear when searching for jobs. 


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If you’re not already registered as a user on our site, please take a moment to sign up. Once your Employment Profile is active, click your name in the upper right hand corner, then select "Employment Profile" to be redirected to your dashboard.


Decide if you want your resume to be visible to hiring managers by clicking either “Visible to Employers” or “Private” in your privacy settings. 


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Please note! You will not be discoverable to hiring managers unless you upload your resume.  To do this, either drag and drop your resume to the field below, or upload it from your desktop. 

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Also make sure your resume file is a PDF and keep in mind: although you can’t delete your resume once it’s been uploaded, you can opt to make it private so that employers can’t see it.


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After you upload your resume, go ahead and complete the rest of your Employment Profile by adding your work history. Just include one or more roles, up to five skills you can bring to your next position, and your current location. Then, simply specify your preferred location at your next role. Feel free to choose more than one! 

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That’s it! Your resume will be saved to your account on Idealist and can be used to apply directly to jobs on the Idealist site. Adding your work history will help employers find you if you opt to make your information visible to employers.

Have any more questions? Please reach out to us.