Salary Surveys

Below are some salary surveys and articles about compensation in the nonprofit world.

A survey for 130 benchmark jobs in nonprofits across the United States. Shows the pay rates in different types of nonprofit organizations.

A survey about compensation in the nonprofit sector.

Facts and figures about nonprofit salaries.

Salaries calculated from the Massachusetts Nonprofit Sector Report.

Contains a free “non-profit assessor.”

You can use this site to search for nonprofit salaries in specific locations. The information is based on the postings on’s site.

Lets you compare the cost of living.

A list of profession-specific salary surveys.

Lets you check pay levels by state, industry, and occupation.

Surveys Maine nonprofits.

A free initial salary analysis.

Salary software service, with some free reports and calculators.

Browse based on average salary, state, job, or company (which includes nonprofit organizations).

A collaborative project that maps salary data entered by users.

This site provides a very general range of nonprofit salaries that isn’t scaled to particular geographic regions but can be a starting place for getting a sense of the range of nonprofit salaries and positions.

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