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Who's Hiring? 5 Orgs Working to Get Out the Vote

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Janet Reyes

Who's Hiring? 5 Orgs Working to Get Out the Vote
Illustration by Marian Blair

So far, 2020 has brought a public health crisis, a renewed fight for racial justice, and an economic downturn, all of which have made it clear that systems here in the U.S. are long overdue for a closer look, and in many cases, a complete overhaul. In short, we’ve got a long and challenging road ahead, and with the upcoming election, the next half of 2020 might just be the deciding factor in how we address these challenges.

Unfortunately, with issues at voting centers due to COVID-19, and certain states opting for mail-in ballots (a big change for some), it has become more difficult to stay up-to-date on state-by-state voting procedures. If you’d like to help your fellow citizens stay informed, get registered, and get voting, here are five organizations offering volunteer and employment opportunities:

Shape Up the Vote, Brooklyn, NY

Shape Up the Vote is a non-partisan coalition of barbershops that help people in their communities get registered to vote. They’re currently seeking volunteer Regional Organizers in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Milwaukee. 

Fair Elections Center, Washington, DC

Fair Elections Center is a nonpartisan network of lawyers working to increase voter registration in marginalized communities through litigation and advocacy. They’re currently hiring a National Manager of Student Poll Workers and Campus Vote Project Communications Manager.  

Civic Nation, Washington, DC

Civic Nation’s mission is to empower people to create positive changes to key social issues—including gender equality, education access, and civic engagement —through organizing and building grassroots movements. One of their many national campaigns includes #VoteTogether, which is focused on increasing voter turnout and education. Civic Nation is currently seeking talent for various roles in their DC office. 

Fair Fight Action, Atlanta, GA

Fair Fight Action works to end voter suppression in Georgia by promoting voter education and registration as well as working for voting reform. They’re currently seeking employees for their office in Decatur, GA. 

State Voices, Washington, DC

State Voices is a network of nonpartisan state coalitions that work with hundreds of grassroots organizations to break down barriers that prevent marginalized communities from exercising their rights to civic participation. They’re currently seeking a Civic Engagement Manager in DC and a Data Associate in Orlando, FL. 


Clicked one of these organizations only to find that they’re no longer hiring? To keep you apprised of the latest in social-impact opportunities, all listings on have a predetermined expiration date.

If you’ve missed the boat on opportunities with any of the above organizations, don’t forget to explore our latest opportunities to find organizations focused on voting rights and voter education.

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Janet Reyes

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