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Who's Hiring? 7 Orgs Working with Children

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Nelson Mandela once said, “The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” When you help a child, you’re not only helping them in that moment, but shaping how they’ll view the world as they grow. If you’re seeking a rewarding experience, here are 7 orgs dedicated to helping children.

Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)- Washington, DC

Founded by Microsoft Corp and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, Kids In Need of Defense partners with law firms, corporate law departments, law schools and bar associations to make sure that refugee and immigrant children never have to face court alone. They also advocate for improvement of policies regarding unaccompanied minors in the United States through education and media coverage. 

Children’s Council of San Francisco- San Francisco, CA

The Children’s Council of San Francisco helps low-income families succeed by helping parents get access to affordable childcare. 

Children’s Science Center- Fairfax, VA

The Children’s Science Center’s mission is to inspire a love of STEM through their interactive museum where children can explore hands-on exhibits and participate in activities that help them learn while having fun.

Children’s Aid- New York, NY

Children’s Aid has helped New York City children living in poverty for over 160 years by providing programs that help them overcome barriers that may hinder their chances of success. 

Kid’s Kitchen Inc.- Washington, DC

Kid’s Kitchen is dedicated to educating children from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Washington, DC metropolitan area about healthy food choices, nutrition and the importance of exercise. 

Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey- Newark, NJ

Partnership for Maternal & Child Health works to meet and improve the healthcare needs of women, infants and children in New Jersey through education, outreach and advocacy. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston- Boston, MA

Boys and Girls Club works to provide a safe space for children and teens from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Clubs provide programs that focus on education, leadership, life skills, art, technology and fitness and recreation to help children enrich their lives and gain a sense of community. 


Clicked one of these organizations only to find that they’re no longer hiring? To keep you apprised of the latest in social-impact opportunities, all listings on have a pre-determined expiration date.

If you’ve missed the boat on opportunities with any of the above organizations, don’t forget to explore current search results for jobs related to helping children.

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Janet Reyes

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