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Yes! You can always go back and edit the billing information on your invoice.

When you post a listing, you have the option of using previously entered billing information or entering new billing information! However, if the information is incorrect, you can always go back and edit the information. 

To edit your invoice, you’ll first need to become an administrator of your organization’s profile. Once you’re an administrator, log in to your Idealist account and navigate to your organization’s Dashboard by clicking the top right where it says “Hi” and then click your organization’s name from the dropdown menu. Once you’ve been redirected to your organization’s Dashboard, click on “Invoices” from the menu on the left. 

A screenshot of the idealist website showing where to access Invoices.

After you’ve been redirected to your list of invoices, click on the number of the invoice you want to edit. This will open a detailed view of that invoice. From this view, click the “Change” button near the address. 

A screenshot of the Idealist website showing where to change the address on an invoice

You’ll then be able to click “Add New Invoice Address” and this will allow you to enter the new information.

A screenshot of the Idealist website showing how to add a new invoice address.

Once you’ve edited your information, click “Save”, and your updated information will be reflected on the invoice! This new invoice address will now be available to select the next time you post a listing.

If you need any help editing your invoice or have general questions about your invoices, Contact Us —we’re always happy to help!

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