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Can I pre-pay for a listing before my organization has been approved?

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Yes, but only if your organization is a 501(c)3!

Only 501(c)3 organizations may pre-pay for their listings before the organization has been approved.

To begin this process, just Add Your Organization as you normally would, and as you’re filling in information be sure to select “Yes” in the area that asks “Is your organization a registered tax-exempt 501(c)3?”

Once you’ve created your new profile, you’ll see this message at the top as your application is being reviewed:

Screenshot of the Idealist website showing application pending approval message.

You can now create and pay for any listings you’d like as you normally would! The listings won’t go live immediately, but once your organization has been approved, they’ll be active and available for job seekers to find.

Need help posting a listing for an organization that's already been approved on our site? Find out how to post!

Feel free to contact us with any questions—we're always happy to help!