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Can I use a single listing for more than one position?

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Only one position can be promoted per listing.

Each listing should promote only one job or internship opportunity. Job and internship listings remain on our site for 30 days and can be updated at any point if there are any errors or if there is any missing information as long as it’s promoting the same position.

It’s okay if there are multiple openings for the same position, but if the listing has openings for the same position in different locations, each opening in its respective location will have to be posted as its own listing. You can easily post multiple listings by clicking "+Add Another Location" while creating your listing. If your listing is already live, use our repost feature to create a duplicate listing for your additional location. Please note that each additional listing will incur a new fee.

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*Listings that promote more than one position will be suspended so they can easily be edited. You can learn more about this in our Terms of Service.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions—we're happy to help!

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