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Our new Hybrid option lets organizations post partially remote opportunities!

The Hybrid category is great for opportunities that allow remote work but also require some in-person work as well. Whether that means site visits, field work, in-person meetings, or required office work, this option lets job seekers know they should be prepared to work on-site at least occasionally. Additional details, such as number of in-office days, should be included in the listing description.


Organizations can now choose our Hybrid option during the posting process. Just select "Hybrid" on page 3 and don't forget to choose a location. A dropdown menu will appear allowing you to select where the onsite portion of the hybrid opportunity will be performed. Hybrid location options include:

  • A full street address
  • A certain city town -OR-
  • A certain US state
Screenshot of the Idealist website showing where to select Hybrid when creating a listing

Job Seekers

Job seekers can search for Hybrid opportunities by choosing “Hybrid” in the “Location & Remote Preferences” section of their search. Check as many boxes as you'd like if you're open to different types of opportunities as well!

Screenshot of the Idealist website showing how job seekers can search for Hybrid opportunities

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