How does the Idealist Applicant Tracker work?

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Our Idealist Applicant Tracker allows organizations to track and organize applications on the listings they post!

You can enable the Applicant Tracker on page 4 when creating your listing. When this option is enabled on a job, internship, or volunteer listing, administrators can easily:

  • Track the number of views and applications for your listing
  • View and download resumes submitted by applicants
  • Organize applications internally by updating their status 
  • Contact applicants through tailored auto replies based on application status

Enabling our Applicant Tracker will ask candidates to submit their application materials directly through Idealist. You can choose to require:

  • Resume *This is a default requirement for jobs and internships
  • Additional documents such as a Cover Letter
  • A website URL for applicants to submit a link to a portfolio or other website 
  • Custom Questions
A screenshot of the Idealist website showing how to add document requirements to listings.

Note: Document requirements can’t be edited by administrators after a listing has gone live. If you need to make any changes, feel free to reach out - our Support Team will be happy to help!

Administrators of the account can view applications at any time through the Manage Listings section of your organization’s Dashboard. If you’d also like administrators to receive alerts via email when new applications are submitted, navigate to the “Notifications & Emails” section of your organization’s Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Idealist website showing where to change Notifications & Emails in the Dashboard.

Here, administrators can set the notification frequency to Instant, Daily, Weekly, or not at all.

Screenshot of the Idealist website showing how to change alert frequency for new applications.

For more information on how to use Applicant Tracking, check out our other Help Desk articles:

Still have questions about Applicant Tracking? Contact us—we’re here to help!

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