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542 Atlantic Ave
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About Us

A Free Bird provides children with cancer a chance to explore their artistic passions and gain the strength and power to fight their disease. Instructors travel directly to a child's place of treatment to provide instruction in a familiar environment. A Free Bird provides all the necessary materials and the instructors to children undergoing cancer treatment free of cost.

Through singing, painting, photography, writing, and other artistic mediums, A Free Bird brings out the positive healing energy that exists in all of us. This is especially important for those who feel that hope is out of reach, like children struggling with life-threatening cancer.

We want to bring the positive energy of the arts to children in need.

Latest Listings

Web Developer 2018 (Volunteer Opportunity)

Children Programs Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Marketing Coordinator Assistant- Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

PR Coordinator Assistant Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Executive Director Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Voice Teacher Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Acting Coach Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Piano Tutor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Guitar Tutor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer Web Developer (Volunteer Opportunity)