Space of Her Own, Inc.

  • Virginia


520 King Street
United States

About Us

SOHO is a creative mentorship organization that serves pre-teen girls by providing yearlong mentoring through engagement in life skills instruction, nutrition and cooking classes and healthful dinners, creative art activities and meaningful community service projects. Each volunteer mentor makes a one-year commitment to the program, which fosters long-term relationships and culminates in the renovation of each girl's bedroom, HGTV-style.


Provide disadvantaged girls with social, emotional, academic and creative enrichment through mentoring and visual arts instruction


To reach disadvantaged girls in communities nationwide and prevent juvenile criminal involvement

To have a lasting impact by fostering one-to-one mentor and peer group relationships beyond the one-year program

To engage all participating youth through art instruction and empower them to see the visual arts as an endeavor at which all can succeed and which can serve as an outlet for self-expression and creativity

To develop life skills in the areas of healthy eating, social skills, anger management, conflict resolution, etiquette and community service

To provide every participant with a personalized space of her own that encourages creativity, conveys a sense of value and worth, and gives a lasting reminder of her circle of support and care