Constru Casa

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About Us

Constru Casa is a non-profit organization offering basic housing to families living in extreme poverty in Guatemala. Constru Casa always works in collaboration with local social organizations to identify and select families of exceptional need. For these organizations, housing and construction work is not part of their main objectives. Constru Casa complements their mission by offering simple houses to their members who live under dreadful conditions. This co-operation is what makes Constru Casa unique and is the most important mark of our initiative. The missions of Constru Casa and its partner organizations complement each other and lead to mutually reinforcing positive outcomes for the families. The idea is that the impact of a new house is significantly enhanced if a family is already part of another social organization helping to improve their lives. Constru Casa's goal is that the new house and the health-care, educational or social work provided reinforce each other and give the decisive impulse to lift a family out of poverty and onto the path to a better future.

Recipient families participate in both the construction of their home and through a financial contribution of typically 1/3 of the cost of their house, paid interest free over four years.

Constru Casa's budget is covered by the families' contributions, donations from Europe and the USA, and donations (mostly in construction materials) from Guatemala.