Volunteers Initiative Nepal (Empowering Marginalised Communities)

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About Us

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Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) is a non-governmental,non-profitable organization,founded in 2005 by a diverse group drawn from development workers, educationalists, social activists and other professionals.

VIN's mission is to empower marginalised communities, with a focus on women and children, through enhanced educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic wellbeing and basic human rights.

Unlike many other development NGOs, VIN serves to directly put efforts for change in the hands of local people. It actively encourages people to volunteer within their communities, aiming to unite all sectors of society in working together to set up and run local projects.

VIN has a board of advisors and a board of directors, of whom Bhupendra Ghimire is the Chief Executive Director. VIN also works in partnership with like-minded national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations.

VIN's main community-based pilot project is located at Jitpur, a rural community surrounded by woods, hills and fields. It lies 11 KM far from the capital on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley near the beautiful Nagarjuna forest reserve.

There are also projects located elsewhere in the region and VIN is currently working to expand its scope to a second community-based site, Okhaldhunga, in the north east of Nepal.

VIN's main focus is on our four key programs. These are:-

  1. Women's Empowerment
  2. Children's Development
  3. Youth Development
  4. Community Health Program

Our volunteer Program includes:

Child Care: Early Childhood Development Child Care: Orphanage Homes Children's Clubs Facilitation Computer Technology Construction and Manual Work Environment and Agroforestry Fundraising and Grant Writing Health / Medical Care Language/Culture/Home Stay Nepal Teacher Development Office Administration Summer Volunteer Program Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery / Nunnery Teaching English in Nepal - Community Schools Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer in Agro Farm Women's Empowerment Working with Deaf and Disabled People Youth Empowerment

In addition, VIN helps to place volunteers in monasteries and nunneries, and there are many additional smaller-scale projects including how to apply for grants, fundraising, computer technology and construction and manual work. Details for all of these can be found on the VIN website.

Adventure Programs

We also organize affordable adventure programs, e.g. trekking, hiking, sight seeing, bunge jump, White water rafting, jungle safari, mountain flights through our partner institutes. The cost will be a way cheaper and it also gives a little money for the organization's projects in the community. So you can make many things in one with VIN. We ensure your memorable and life changing experience with us

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