Center for Human Development (CHD)

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About Us

At Center for Human Development (CHD), we care deeply about people and the potential they have to make their lives and communities better. Every year, CHD's staff and several hundred volunteers provide a spectrum of services that support, guide, and educate more than 14,000 at-risk youth, individuals, and families. Our programs focus on wellness, youth leadership, conflict resolution, parenting skills, and other challenges facing the community.

The diversity of programs available through the Center for Human Development continually astounds those who are unfamiliar with the breadth of our offerings. Some of these include:

-The Conflict Resolution Program allows mediators to help families, neighbors, and organizations diffuse anger and resolve disputes without costly legal action. For more information contact

-African American Health Conductors and Promotoras work within their own communities to promote healthy families.

-Prevention programs, such as the Parent Educator Program and Project SUCCESS, work to prevent early drug use and to support at-risk youth.

-We serve to support and empower youth leaders through programs like Friday Night Live and our LGBTQ Empowerment program.

-CHD also houses an on-site training facility where we offer customized trainings and cutting-edge curricula for schools, organizations, and volunteers.

For a complete list of the programs and services we offer, please visit us on the web at