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In partnership with the Bard Center for Environmental Policy, the National Teach-In is setting up a series of conference calls between Senate and environmental staffers and faculty/student/staff audiences in their states to discuss climate and clean energy policy. For example, on behalf of a group of educators in TN, our staff will work to book the environmental liaisons in Alexander and Corker's offices onto a statewide conference call.

The calls will start off with a "briefing" by a student from the state talking about interest and engagement in climate issues, and then the audience will hear from the staffers about the senator's position and concerns. We will take questions in advance via e‐mail, and the student team would ask those questions. This will not be lobbying calls, but rather educational dialogues.

Our staff will do all the logistical work—contact Senate staff to set up the calls, solicit the questions, provide your student with the question list, manage the call. We need your help in volunteering to convene a call in your state, so we can issue the invitations on your behalf. If you are interested in staying informed about these efforts, or being the convener on the call, please contact me at, or 845-758-7067.

Help us get hundreds of students, faculty and staff in dozens of states engaged and tuned into the critical decisions being made in Washington the next few months.