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About Us

History of CFSJ

The Community Foundation of South Jersey was formed in 2007 as a legal community foundation nonprofit, by a group of civic-minded individuals whose vision was for a healthy, well educated, safe, prosperous and thriving region. They recognized that the disparities in the 8-county region in the southern part of the State of New Jersey were largely unaddressed because there had been no singular voice or catalyst for change. CFSJ is one of

With the support of the Ford Foundation, CFSJ hired its first full-time executive director in 2009. CFSJ accepts gifts from individuals, families, businesses and grantmakers to further the civic interests and needs of the south jersey community.


The CFSJ serves a region that is exceptionally diverse and includes vast stretches of rural farm land that co-exist with pockets of densely populated and poor urban areas, juxtaposed with wealthy suburban communities. There are no generalities about where concentrations of wealth or poverty are, nor are there strict geographic boundaries that separate one income class from another. The ways of life and populations may vary from township to township, but they share many of the same social and basic needs problems—disengaged youth, under or uneducated adults, elder care, inadequate access to healthcare, and large populations of uninsured individuals, along with considerable hunger, unemployment, and inadequate housing. Gaps in services to individuals are as much a result of the lack of financial resources—philanthropic and government—as they are related to the large number of disconnected municipalities and systems that are barriers to efficient and sufficient services.

The fund currently has assets of $21 million under management. We are affiliated with the Community Foundation of New Jersey which provides back office and investment services.

The fund employs 3 FTEs and has a board of directors and is currently located in Haddonfield, NJ and makes grants throughout our region and on behalf of our donor advisors.