Voces Latinas, Corp.

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3763 83rd St.
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Jackson Heights
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About Us

Voces Latinas (VL) started it's work in 2003 as part of the Western Queens HIV Care Network. A group of certified social workers in the HIV field who were also part of the Network were concerned about the high rates of HIV among women of color, particularly immigrant Latinas, as there exists a gap in services for this hard to reach population due to immigration status, documentation status, language barrier, and cultural norms. Voces Latinas saw a need for more outreach, education, advocacy and resources in Spanish for this population. VL began raising money in order to hold conferences and forums in Queens targeting immigrant Latinas living with and at risk for HIV. This was an opportunity to invite the HIV specialist to come talk to the population at hand, as it is often impossible for these women to attend conferences often times held in English and in other parts of the country.

Voces Latinas aims to reduce the HIV transmission rate among immigrant Latinas by providing education, training, mental health resources and advocacy services to those infected by HIV, those at risk for HIV, and those serving the Latino community.