FOR-SITE Foundation

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San Francisco
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About Us

The mission of the FOR-SITE Foundation is to support the creation, understanding and exhibition of new art about place. The FOR-SITE Foundation fulfills its mission through three key program initiatives:

Artist Residencies FOR-SITE awards artist residencies and financial support to selected artists whose work conforms to the organization's mission. The residency is designed to provide the artist with the space, time and resources to create new art and to ensure that via a timely and cost-effective process, this work is exhibited at a sponsoring public institution that is a FOR-SITE Institutional Partner.

Education FOR-SITE collaborates with participating educational institutions to provide opportunities for students to experience both the practical and theoretical challenges of creating art for and of a specific place. The foundation prefers to support projects that utilize the resources of the artist residency and education programs in tandem.

Presidio/Site/Sculpture A site-based initiative of the FOR-SITE Foundation, Presidio/Site/Sculpture provides the public with new ways to see, understand, and appreciate the natural, historic, and cultural resources of San Francisco’s Presidio, a 1,491-acre urban national park that served as a military post for 200 years.