Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE)

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About Us

The VOICE mentor program sprung from a 2003 needs assessment conducted by the Issaquah Schools Foundation. Especially in this time of severe budget cuts, the gap between the support students need and what they receive continues to grow. Academic and social/emotional needs often go unmet, not for lack of concern and caring on the part of our schools and staff, but because the financial resources simply don’t exist. While fixing education funding is a vast and often overwhelming problem, supporting our kids one by one is possible.

We’re all busy, overwhelmed even, with our schedules. But one hour a week–we can do this.

One hour a week spent with a struggling child provides practical help and encouragement. Whether doing homework together, talking through college and career options, or practicing social skills and decision making, one hour a week makes the difference between keeping our kids engaged or letting them fall through the cracks.

What other hour in your week has such a return on investment?

Your decision matters. Make a difference in the life of a child.