Bring Us to Your Organization!

Idealist Careers, the publication by Idealist that you’ve come to know as the resource for purpose-driven professionals to find, land, and love their social impact jobs has crafted signature workshops targeted to the needs of today’s job seekers and developing professionals.

Now, you can bring our live, in-person programs to your organization, group, or conference. Whether your organization serves job seekers, attracts aspiring leaders, or anything in between, our programming can provide excellent value as they search for their next opportunities. Our approach is tactical, accessible, and interactive, giving attendees the chance to ask questions, brainstorm, and work with their peers to discover best practices for finding and advancing in their careers.

Reboot Your Resume

While there are many elements of a successful job search, having a well-written resume is key. But if you ask 10 different people what makes a great resume, you'll get 10 different answers. How can ensure you focus on what matters most to an employer?

In this hands-on, collaborative workshop, we'll review the core components of a stand-out resume, offer strategies that will help job seekers identify and present what makes them compelling candidates, and share resources that will help them write a resume that shines. Participants will work in small groups as well as individually during time reserved for private reflection and developing a list of next steps. Facilitators provide on-the-spot feedback.

Mindfulness Practice in the Job Search

Looking for a job can be a long, frustrating endeavor. When dealing with rejection (if employers even reply), job seekers might also deal with doubt and lose confidence. How can they stay motivated and committed to their passions for careers that make a difference?

In this interactive workshop, we offer mindfulness-based tools to de-stress the process and help job seekers be more effective. In addition to instructor-led mindfulness practice, there will be writing exercises and discussion to help job seekers uncover the motivations and fears driving their careers, identify their needs, and develop techniques for self-care in the job search.

Please note that these two workshops are fee-based, but we are open to working with any organization's budget! 

Idealist 101- For Job Seekers!

Your clients will learn how to use Idealist to find the right job for them! They will learn to use our search function more effectively, create email alerts for new jobs, and connect to the Idealist community. Our team will also give general tips on the application process.

Idealist 101- For Organizations! 

Learn to expand your organization’s presence, and recruit staff, interns, and volunteers. Discover how to make a distinctive organization profile on Idealist and great job, internship, and volunteer listings that get noticed and appeal to the types of people you are seeking at your organization. Gain insights for using Idealist in way you never thought of before! We can also customize this workshop for job seekers who want to make the most of Idealist.

As a service to our community, Idealist 101 is offered at no cost to your organization.