How do I add an image to my organization?

How do I add an image to my organization?

How do I add an image to my organization?

One of the newest features added to our site is the ability to add images to your organization’s profile page. When first creating, or when editing your organization’s profile, you’ll see three options at the bottom of the page:

  • Banner Image
  • Logo
  • Image Gallery

Banner Image

The Banner Image is the picture that you’ll see stretched across the top of your organization’s profile page. When selecting an image, be sure to choose a rectangular image with a higher resolution (at least 1440 by 200 pixels (px) in width, but 2880 by 400 px or more is recommended) so that the image does not appear blurry or stretched when it appears above your organization.


The Logo is the image that will appear on the top left corner of your organization’s page. To add this image, just click on the button below Logo and upload the image from your computer. Square images work best, but the recommended dimensions are 360 x 256 px.

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery is where you can upload images to be shown in a slideshow like way at the bottom of your organization’s profile page. You can add up to a maximum of 30 images to the gallery. These can be of any size and shape. Once images have been uploaded, users can click on the arrows that will appear to the left and right of the images to scroll through the gallery.

Any time you have uploaded your images, be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

If you need access as an administrator in order to edit your profile, check out our Becoming an Administrator of your Organization's Idealist Profile article.​