How do I apply for opportunities on Idealist?

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Click on the blue “Apply” button or scroll down to the “How to Apply” section to see the organization’s application instructions.

Depending on the job poster’s preference, you may be asked to submit your application through Idealist, via email or through a separate website.

Applying through Idealist

If an organization selects this option, you’ll be asked to submit your application directly through the listing. Scroll to the bottom of the listing and you’ll be able to submit any required documents such as a resume or cover letter in PDF format. You may also be asked to answer custom questions by typing directly into a text box. 

The quickest way to apply to these listings is to Log in to your Idealist account or Sign up if you haven’t already. If you’ve already uploaded a resume in your Professional Experience section, it will upload by default in your application. You can always replace it with a different one if you’d like by clicking the “X” next to the document. 

Once you’ve completed all the application requirements, simply click the “Submit Application” button and you’re all set!

Screenshot of the Idealist website displaying how to submit an application through Idealist.

Applying directly to an organization

In other cases, the organization may request that applications be submitted directly to them either via email or through a separate website. Be sure to follow the instructions in the “How to Apply” section of the listing. The external link or email address provided may also be accessible by clicking the "Go to Website" or "Send Email" buttons at the bottom of the listing.

Screenshot of the Idealist website showing how to Go to Website or Send Email in a listing.

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