How do I buy Job and Internship Packs?

Illustration of a cash register

You can purchase credit packs right through your organization’s Dashboard! 

Just log in to your Idealist account, click your name at the top right corner and select your organization under My Organizations. On the left side of your Dashboard, click "Buy Credit Packs" and select the Credit Pack you’d like to purchase.

Screenshot displaying where the "Buy Credit Packs" button appears in your organization's Dashboard

Packs provide the right to post for 3 years from the date of activation, up to the number specified. Credits are activated as soon as payment is processed. Please note, pricing and payment options will vary based on the type of organization you represent. 

To use your credits, just compose your listing and add it to your cart as you normally would. You can then select the Use Credits option as payment. This will still generate an invoice for your records and will indicate that it was paid by a Job or Internship credit.

Screenshot of the Idealist website displaying where to click Use Credits upon checkout

You can keep track of your balance by heading to your organization’s Dashboard and clicking "Credit Balance” from the menu on the left.

Screenshot displaying where Credit Balance appears in your organization's Dashboard

Have questions about purchasing credit packs? Contact Us—we’re always happy to help!