Orphan Care Alliance

  • KY

About Us

OCA Supports

  • Fatherless Youth and Children
  • Adoptive and Foster Families
  • Families in Crisis


Orphan Care Alliance equips Christians and connects them to opportunities to care for the fatherless.


  • Advocating at churches with opportunities to equip and care.
  • Aligning with Christian organizations as additional resources to families
  • Partnering with state governments to define programs that address ways to care for children’s needs.


Orphan Care Alliance’s vision is for the Body of Christ to lead the efforts of caring for the fatherless in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.


  • To keep children with the biological parents whenever possible.
  • To assist families and children in our community with education, support, goods and prayer
  • To walk alongside youth aging out of the state’s care and help with their transition into adulthood.
  • Display the love of Christ while serving families and children and in all we do.

Impacting Kentuckiana

  • Advocating in local churches and community to grow orphan ministries.
  • Partnering with national organizations with events to promote orphan care.
  • Educating Christians on the needs and opportunities to care for the fatherless.
  • Growing programs to preserve families who are in hardship.
  • Providing resources to families caring for children.
  • Providing financial support to adoptive families.
  • Providing education and support to families caring for children.
  • Growing programs to care for and equip young men and women aging out of state care.
  • Working with business to provide job opportunities to those aging out of state care.