Global Rescue Relief, Inc.

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About Us

Global Rescue Relief is a 501(c)3 anti-human trafficking organization founded on the basic principles of community service and social welfare. Our mission is to promote these principles through prevention, education, and providing necessary relief to human trafficking survivors. Through these efforts, we combat trafficking, promote safer communities, protect children, and offer hope.

We don’t lobby, promote model legislation, or write policy. We focus solely on a critical need – direct victim impact and support.

Two featured programs are Freedom Packs and Miracle Mission.

A Freedom Pack is the first step towards a trafficking survivor's new life. Until the point when a rescuer extends a hand and lifts the survivor out of captivity, the victim has no possessions, no control, and no freedom. Offering them new clothes... providing them with food and water... giving them something to own... these are immediate and immeasurable critical first steps in creating a trusting, safe, and secure environment for these precious survivors.

Global Rescue Relief's Miracle Mission initiatives & programming are designed to prevent, educate, and generate sustainable freedom:

(1) education and awareness campaigns along with community outreach to identify victims; (2) rescue & relocation of human trafficking survivors; (3) sustainable community networks and resources; (4) short and long term secure home; and (5) vital rehabilitative medical and social services.

These life-saving services will decrease the likelihood of victimization and re-victimization and offer the chance of a healthy hopeful live.