The Orion School

  • GA


458 Ponce de Leon Avenue
United States

About Us

The Orion School is an accredited, non-profit private school with a mission to ensure that complex students in grades k-8 with neurobehavioral conditions including ADHD and Asperger's are self-confident, able to engage in positive social interactions and able to experience success within an academic setting. Our students have struggled in more traditionally structured schools. Our goal is to create happy, self confidant learners who love school. To stay engaged and motivated in school, our energetic and behaviorally impulsive students require the kind of high interest, experiential educational approaches we provide. For example we have off site learning opportunities and an outdoor classroom that includes an organic garden and chickens. Our very small classes of four students ensure individual educational goals are met in all areas of development. Innovative instructional approaches teach our students to reach personal goals and love learning. .