Cafe Luz y Luna

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About Us

Cafe Luz y Luna a non-profit social enterprise, donating our profits and resources to help finance and facilitate community-driven projects in rural and urban areas in northern Nicaragua, through Luz Verde social projects.

Luz Verde collaborates with projects focusing on education, women, youth work, environmental and community driven initiatives. Luz Verde facilitates educational development initiatives in local communities, eco-tourism, organic gardens, library access and workshops, volunteers, expedition groups, conservation and restoration support, disaster relief funding, scholarships and music and theatre.

Project Highlights:

Solana Organica, Organic Kitchen Gardens:

Solana Organica is an organic produce program, funded by Luz Verde. The project is an innovative partnership between Café Luz and ten families in the regions of Esteli and Miraflor. Solana supports the women of each family by providing seeds and equipment for their gardens. Through micro-credit and commercialization, the women are provided a supporting income from their work. Participating families are also supported through the guidance and work of a technitian that is experienced in organic and bio-intensive growing techniques. The produce is purchased by Café Luz and used to compliment the menu. The organic produce is also being sold to other locations in Esteli, and across Nicaragua!

Mobile Library Project/ Biblioteca Movil CAMPAIGN:

The mobile library bus is a new initiative, with goals to provide the opportunity for children from communities around Esteli, including Miraflor, to borrow books. This unprecedented access to books encourages and inspires children to be excited about learning, and opens possibilities for their future. The mobile Library Bus also coordinates educational workshops with local community leaders, youth and teachers, focusing on creative artistic projects, health and nutrition, as well as non-violence and domestic abuse.