Center for Peace Education - Liberia

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Moulton Conner / Brewerville


About Us

Center for Peace Education is a local Liberian non-governmental organization dedicated to building a comprehensive peace building program and teaching mediation as a means of achieving harmony and a better life for future generations.

For the first time in Liberia history, the Center for Peace Education is currently Peace Education as a subject in various schools in Liberia.

Our mission, “Planting seeds to harvest a peaceful tomorrow” is achieved through the following initiatives:  Peace Education Programs  Peer Mediation Programs  Community Peace Libraries  Zone of Peace  Job Skills Development Training Programs  Educational Assistance Programs for War Affected Children Center for Peace Education is also committed to extending its work beyond the classrooms in order to reach children who have been thrown into homelessness, orphanages, or are without means to attend school. We do this by training community members about conflict resolution and establishing Community Peer Mediation Network Groups.