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About Us

The Business and Human Rights Program (BHR) supports AIUSA’s efforts to protect and promote human rights by holding economic actors, especially U.S.-based multinational corporations, accountable for their conduct. BHR’s advocacy and campaigning are based on two core premises: first, that “every organ of society” has responsibilities to promote respect for human rights, as established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and second, that multinational corporations are among the most powerful non-state actors with a capacity to uphold or abuse human rights, and that with this power comes responsibility. We also recognize that violations of environmental integrity often converge with violations of human rights, and that special attention must be paid to safeguard the rights of activists and communities as they struggle to protect the environment.

BHR aims to lift standards, encourage best practices and ensure accountability on the part of corporations and entire industries. When appropriate, we engage corporations in dialogue for the purpose of establishing or strengthening their commitment to human rights in their business operations and investment decisions. We campaign against corporations that commit, or are complicit in, human rights abuses. At the same time, we support human rights activists, those who defend the environment, and indigenous peoples when development activities imperil their work or the well-being of their communities. We also urge the U.S. Government to use its power to promote respect for human rights on the part of American-based multinational corporations, as well as through its bilateral relationships and participation in international institutions. We pursue this advocacy in alignment with agreed strategic priorities and available resources, consistent with AIUSA’s overall objectives and in coordination with the International Secretariat and other national section business groups.