North Helpline

  • Washington


12736 33rd Ave NE
United States

About Us

North Helpline believes that all deserve adequate food, housing, and respect. We assist our neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their human dignity and worth. We work to make sure that all have food on the table and a roof over their heads by distributing food, assisting with prevention of utility shut off and eviction prevention, and access to basic medical care. 

North Helpline was founded in 1989 by a group of volunteers who noticed that many of their neighbors were not able to pay their rent, cover their utility bills and put food on the table. These neighbors began collecting food and financial support to distribute to those most in need in their community. The initial group grew to 600+ volunteers who now contribute nearly 3,000 hours of work monthly. North Helpline provides critical human services to over 1,500 clients each week in an effort to reduce the impact of hunger and poverty in greater north Seattle.