Feedback Madagascar/Ny Tanintsika

  • Haute Matsiatra


Ivory Nord
Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
Haute Matsiatra


About Us

Our Vision

Healthy people who take charge of their own development, living in harmony with a flourishing

natural world in a fair society.

Our Mission

To contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management through support to socio-economic development and environmental action whilst promoting good governance.

For over 15 years, Feedback Madagascar and Ny Tanintsika have worked in partnership to reduce poverty and protect the environment, primarily in central and south-eastern Madagascar. We believe that health, livelihoods, education and stewardship of the natural environment are all interrelated, and embracing a holistic approach is crucial to maximising impact. Our work with Malagasy communities hence incorporates all these components, but each project is tailored to respond to specific community needs.

Our two big goals in Madagascar are:

1) To improve human well-being

2) To conserve the forest