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About Us

After facing wide spread area disaster of historic proportion caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, government, social, educational, and faith agencies as well as business and community organizations together recognize the need to work together in disaster response, now and in the future. Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT) was formed to be a coordinating council or regional coalition in order to provide Interfaith and inter-agency resources, advocacy, healing, support, and recovery assistance to those affected by disaster. The “Schoharie Area” is defined as the extended Schoharie Creek Basin and surrounding areas. This mission of SALT is carried out by communication, collaboration, coordination, and cooperation, with compassion.

Communication. Establishing wide spread channels of accurate communication is one of the most valuable resources to any community, particularly in a time of disaster. The more far reaching into the community between agencies, organizations, businesses, and faith groups, the greater the likelihood of widespread dissemination of information to those who need to receive it. SALT’s existence and active role of communication will create communication networks between those in the communities involved already preparing and responding to disaster. SALT’s active role of communication will also promote communication of accurate information pertaining to resources, advocacy, healing, support, and recovery assistance into the general populous.

Collaboration. Inter agency and interfaith communication naturally leads to collaborative efforts. Working together across agency lines is important in order to steward resources across the entire region, cut down on duplication of services, and better serve the unmet needs of the region. Inter agency and inter faith collaboration may mean sharing resources, encouraging and directing clients between organizations, modifying existing programs to better serve the needs of the region, or seeking resources together in partnership.

Coordination. With multiple agencies, organizations, businesses, and faith groups mobilizing to respond to disaster, some already forming into local area recovery groups, the response of each is enhanced by coordination of the whole. Coordinating efforts of SALT will enhance the inter agency and inter faith missions already in place, servicing those in need by seeking to resource those already coordinating disaster response. Coordinating between current efforts will seek to provide the right resources in the right place at the right time. Resources may include information, personnel or volunteers, goods, finances, or services.

Cooperation. Inter agency and inter faith collaboration in this region through SALT involves a cooperative effort beyond what has previously existed. Brought together by disaster, there is a recognition of the need for cooperation now and in the future. Those involved with SALT recognize we can do better together in responding to disaster, now and in the future. The cooperative response is community based and inter-disciplinary.

Compassion. SALT recognizes the unique character of each community and integrity of the region. SALT seeks to promote the values of compassionate responding between partnering businesses and organizations, as well as in community response. A compassionate response listens and is empathetic. A compassionate response is kind and caring. A compassionate response seeks to meet people where they are at, walk along side them as necessary, and empower them to help themselves.