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1535 Apirl Knoll Court
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About Us

To Whom It May Concern:

REEL TIME Entertainment, Inc. is a non-profit organization called to serve and care for others in our community by providing quality cinema entertainment for disadvantaged people, including, but not limited to, veterans, elderly at assisted living homes, children in foster homes and hospitals, and the homeless, in order to increase happiness and well-being through the collective experience of emotions derived from cinema entertainment and to offer a controlled atmosphere in which to explore roles and social relations outside the ordinary realms of one’s existence. REEL TIME Entertainment, Inc. will also bring awareness to others who want to support this cause, with the hope to expand to after-school programs in inner-city neighborhoods.

We provide movie night (which includes the projector, screen, surround system, movie, popcorn, candy/baked goods, drinks and volunteers) to the following places:

Thompson’s Child and Family Focus – Matthews Levine Children’s Hospital – Charlotte Urban Ministries (Homeless) – Charlotte Prosperity Senior Apartments – Charlotte The Laurel’s Assisted Living – Charlotte NC Veteran’s Nursing Home – Salisbury

Our goal is to continue to grow within the community and throughout the state. Our organization is growing at a rapid pace and has an incredible positive impact on each location we serve. We have been approached by two of the locations to incorporate cinema therapy programs to encourage healing and comfort. In order to continue to move forward with this program, we need donations, including but not limited to, popcorn, candy, drinks, paper products and financial support.


Jack Knochel President