Collective Leadership Institute gGbmH

  • Brandenburg


Kurfuerstenstraße 1

About Us

We are working toward a world that works for 100% of humanity and the planet. Our contribution is to capacitate as many people as possible with collective leadership skills for sustainability transformations. This vision led to the founding of the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) gGmbH in 2005. As a mission-driven, science and practice-based social enterprise with offices in Germany and South Africa, CLI builds capacity among diverse change agents for implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Based on our Collective Leadership Compass and Dialogic Change Model, and with an emphasis on SDG 17 on partnerships, we build competencies for systems transformations. This includes complex transformative process designs for systems change, high quality stakeholder engagement and dialogue, as well as partnerships across sectors. We not only capacitate actors to design and navigate complex change processes, we also contribute to shifts in thinking and being at the level of self, process, and system. In this way, we enable people to contribute to the global movement for sustainability.