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About Us

" SATHI " Registered as a society under societies Act (XXI) of 1860] Sathi was established in 2004 for improving the quality of life of the underprivileged and margtinalised people. We are determined to replace their despair with hope, their fear with security, and their ignorance with knowledge.

All of us, as member of the civil society, are responsible for the welfare of the people in need. We believe in working together for giving them the opportunity to have access to healthcare, sufficient and nutritious food, acquire skills for generating income, clean water and a pollution-free environment. They should have the ability to educate their children and protect them from exploration.

Our vision is to translate this dream into reality. Let us make a combined effort to build a society that is more equitable, where everybody will have equal opportunities to live with dignity. This leaflet will give you information on how you can extend your helping hand to those who need to hold it. Let us make a beginning. Let us work together for changing the lives of those who need to be empowered. We need your support for building a prosperous India.

We are engaged in an umber of development activities in the fields of literacy, healthcare, job opportunities and other socioeconomic development programmes. To sum up, our objectives is to brighten up all aspects of human life from safe childbirth to dignified old age passing through a healthy and enjoyable growing up process in between.