Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes

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P. O. Box 4
Pompton Lakes
United States

About Us

Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes is a registered non-profit organization. Our organization provides environmental education, data and scientific assistance in a charitable way to and for the health and welfare of the public.

We are committed to understanding, addressing, and resolving environmental issues affecting our community. Our mission is to work together effectively to ensure the continued health of our community, and to maintain its status as a wonderful place for our families to live, work, and play...

OUR HISTORY The Citizens for a Clean Pompton Lakes, "the original citizens environmental group", was formed in 2008 when the information by the DuPont Corporation was released to the public in regards to vapor intrusion hazardous gas contamination. The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes has been the watchdog since the beginning of the release of this information. We are a non-partisan group. Our organization was formed by concerned residents of the community. The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes is made up of residents affected by this and other contaminants by the above corporation.