The Hybrid work schedule category is great for opportunities that allow remote work but require some in-person work as well. Whether that means site visits, field work, in-person meetings or required office work, this option helps job seekers know to be prepared to work on-site, at least occasionally. Additional details such as number of in-office days should be included in the listing description.

You now have the option to choose our hybrid option during the posting process. On page 3, simply select “Yes” under “Can the employee work remotely?” Next, a dropdown menu will appear allowing you to select the Remote work frequency: 

  • Full-time Remote 
  • Hybrid work schedule
  • Temporarily Remote
Illustration of a dark blue background with doodle for an ad to post a listing on Idealist.

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Screenshot of the Idealist website showing where to select Hybrid work schedule when creating a listing

Once you’ve selected the Remote work frequency, select where the remote work can be performed from the next dropdown menu: 

  • Employee can be anywhere in the world
  • Employee must be in a certain country, or
  • Employee must be in a certain city or town
Screenshot of the Idealist website showing how to select location for a Remote listing.


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