How do I activate and use the Idealist integration with JazzHR?

To get started with your Idealist integration in JazzHR for the first time, please follow the guidelines below. 

You can enable integrations right from your dashboard! Begin by logging in to Idealist, then visit your organization's Dashboard by clicking your name at the top right corner of your screen, then click the name of your organization under "My Organizations." 

Once there, you will see a menu of options for your organization's account on the left side of the screen. 
Click "Integrations" under the "Manage Accounts" section. Then click JazzHR. You'll see a popup window where you will enter your Customer ID number.


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To find your JazzHR Customer ID, reach out to JazzHR support via their Contact page or Idealist Community Support by visiting our Contact page. Just let us know that you're requesting your JazzHR Customer ID and we'll reach out to JazzHR on your behalf and provide it to you.  

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You can choose to auto-publish jobs or publish jobs manually. Auto-publish will post all jobs currently on your JazzHR job board to Idealist. Additionally, any future jobs you post to JazzHR will automatically be posted to Idealist.

This option requires you to purchase Job Credit Packs from Idealist. Each job posted in this way will spend one (1) Credit. 

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To instead select which jobs you’d like to import manually, do not enable the Auto-Publish option. Instead, click the checkbox next to the jobs you would like to import to Idealist and then click “Import Selected.” You will then input your invoice and payment information and pay for these by credit card, indicate that you will be sending a check, or use any Job Credits you have purchased. Please note that prices will vary depending on the type of organization you represent.