How Do I Hide or Remove My Listing? Do Listings Expire Automatically After My Deadline?

If you have included a deadline in one of your listings, it will remain viewable for 30 days after that specified deadline passes. After 30 days, your listing will expire. 

If the 30 day expiration date hasn’t passed yet, you can hide your listing at anytime. To do so, log in to your account and access your dashboard by clicking on your name at the top and clicking on your organization’s name in the dropdown menu. Once you’ve accessed your dashboard, scroll down to the listing you would like to hide. The status should currently say “Published” with a green dot next to it, so you know it is active right now.
To the right of the status, click on Hide:
<img height="143" src="" width="539"></img>

Please note: When your listing is hidden, the listing will still expire after the 30 days have passed. However, you can unhide it at any time before the 30 days have passed.
For more information about posting listings,
take a look at our How to Post article, or contact us!