Manual High School

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1700 East 28th Avenue
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About Us

Manual is a community of learners. From the facilitators of each course to our scholars. From our administrative team, to our staff, to our community partners, and our larger community,WE ARE ALL LEARNERS!We believe that welearn with and welearn from all members of our community. It is our belief that this makes us stronger!

Our community also reflects a commitment to being scholars and revolutionaries that live what we've learned. From our days of being known as the Manual Training High School, we have always believed that it is important for scholars to live what they learn. It is not simply enough to take it in or talk about it,learning must be lived! Our day to day learning, off-campus learning excursions, and partnerships with our community ensure that scholars are able to live out their learning in ways that are connected to the curriculum in the classroom and with their life visions. As one scholar remarked, "it brings the text book alive and gives us immediate relevance."

We learn it and We live it so that Thunderbolts THRIVE! We are not here to simply survive, to get by, to just make it, we are here to THRIVE. We believe that each life can achieve greatness. Each life can transform the jangling discords of our time to ensure that the paradigm of possibilities is positively shifted to yield equal opportunities for all people to experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.