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About Us

Our transitional housing program is designed as a long term solution for disaster victims, low income families, and homeless persons. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policies are encouraging this model. This 5 step program does the following:

Step 1 -- Disaster victims, low income families, and homeless persons are provided with temporary housing and food assistance to take care of their immediate needs. A sort of catch your breath phase.

Step 2 -- All housed residents are enrolled in vocational training to increase their income and raise their standard of living.

Step 3 -- All trained residents are enrolled in job placement to gain experience in and a paycheck in their designated field.

Step 4 -- All job placed residents are moved to higher quality apartments and begin paying rent on the site helping them to become familiar with fiscal and financial responsibility. Residents are also placed in a credit repair program to begin re-establishing credit.

Step 5 -- Residents are moved into permanent housing as citizens with higher pay, better credit, and home ownership.