Community Education And Sustainable Livelihoods


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About Us

The mission of this group is to respond to the development needs of junior youth, women and other vulnerable groups. We have a programme called spiritual Empowerment of Junior Youth. In this programme, we carry out activities that seek to empower junior youth i.e. children between 12 and 15 years of age, through lessons that increase their intellectual capacities and also their spiritual capacities.This period is very significant in the life of any individual because it is the period of transition from childhood to youth.Indeed these are the years in which the defenders of the environment, the builders of peace, the champions of justice, the selfless educators of mankind are formed. This programme is of particular importance to our society because of the depraved condition of the youth. We think that through this programme, the junior youth who will pass through it will enter youth as responsible, well behaved and intelligent youth. There is also a service component in this programme. The youth choose a service project and jointly execute it. This could either take the form of cleaning around a public stand tap, visiting the sick and praying with them, planting flowers in their school garden or a public garden, planting trees etc. This instils "a can do attitude in these young members of our community.Another component of this programme is teaching handicrafts and other artistic activities to this children. This will enable them to be able to do things with their hands thereby creating employment in a country like ours which has so few job opportunities. There also shat we call healthy recreation in which these young people engage in recreational activities. This programme is run in groups. These young people are encouraged to form groups and the activities are directed by an adult who is their mentor. They have readers which are 18 in number and through the lessons they increase intellectual capacity and also spiritual capacity. Family Life Education: In our socitey marriage has lost its focus. This programme seeks to assist people before marriage to know one anothers character and couples after marriage to encourage development of of their character qualities. This programme also seeks to empower people to create happy, lasting and spiritually based marriages- the foundation of a prosperous unified world. We equally educate men and women to see each other as members of one body who must work together in order that meaningful and sustainable development can be achieved. Education for community development: In this programme, we teach the art of consultation which is a wonderful tool in consensus building thereby preventing conflict. Consultation encourages participation at all levels of the process and no one is left out in community decision making.